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There is a need to define the main terms, which are frequently used in our terms, conditions and policies so to avoid possible misunderstandings in future.

Company”, “We” and “Our” are the terms referring to Cooldissertation.com

The word “Website” is used in reference to cooldissertation.com.

The notions “Customer”, “You” and “Yours” mean the buyer of our products who places the order with our website and received the desired service. Our customers are deemed to agree with the policies of our company, as well, as our terms and conditions.

If you see the term “Product” it means the paper of any type that has been completed per customer’s request and can be used for the purpose of reference only. We deliver the products to the customer’s personal account at Cooldissertation.com or to the email if requested.

Order” is referring to the form, which is filled in by the purchaser of the product with indication of all the instructions for a desired paper. We oblige our customers to provide us with the requirements, which are valid and clear, so to avoid any misinterpretations in future. The only way of order acceptance is via the order form at our website: it is not possible to place the order through phone, live chat or email.

The Services We Provide

There is a number of service types that you can select among: they are editing, proofreading, rewriting, writing from scratch and business writing. Make sure that before you proceed with order’s payment you have read the Cooldissertation.com policies, term and conditions and are aware of the restrictions and rights of yours and the company.

Acceptance of terms

Dear Customer,

Hereby you can learn Cooldissertation.com terms and conditions and be informed that the customer’s acceptance is automatic while using our website. In the Agreement you are able to check the main points of relationships between the Company and the Customer. Once the order is placed by the customer with Cooldissertation.com we deem the customer to agree and respect the policies, liabilities and restrictions indicated in this page.

Agreement Changes and Modifications

Cooldissertation.com saves the right to change these Terms and Conditions in its only discretion. The updates can be posted at any time, which is reasonable for the company. The customers are the ones who are in charge for changes monitoring. The customer accepts the modifications of agreement when visits Cooldissertation.com.

License and Site Access

Cooldissertation.com customers are given the license for the website’s access, which is limited. Thus, they are not permitted to download or change the website and its parts if they do not possess the written permission from our company. Different kinds of website exploiting, like reproduction, copying, duplication, selling or reselling are not allowed but can be completed with the company’s written consent. The information copy and transfer to other parties are prohibited, as well.

Timeliness, Validity and Fullness of Information Stated

As we provide the materials for the purposes of reference and general info our company is not in charge if the materials are not up-to-date or not valid. The customer is using the website, its materials and content at the personal risk solely. At any moment the company can modify the content on the website according to the reserved right and no notification may be issued. The customer is responsible for the website’s content and its updates reviewing.

Description and Pricing of Products

The pricing section at Cooldissertation.com presents all the prices for our services, which has been fixed and are never changed. There are discount offers from our company, which are presented depending on certain conditions. Some items have set prices and the price list is representing them as open-stock prices. If due to certain misapprehensions the right price of the product is different to the one, which has been stated, the customer will be notified before the order’s delivery in case of additional payment or cancelation of the order required.

The client has a possibility to request a revision in case the product received is not corresponding to the requirements, which were set by the customer. Check the Revision policy for more information.

Links and Framings

The website’s logo, images, trademark or any other graphic materials on the website should not be copied by the customer if no official permission from our company has been received. Any sections of the cooldissertation.com content are not allowed to copy.

If the website contains the links to the website’s of the third parties, Cooldissertation.com is not in charge for their content, reliability or origin. The same restriction refers to the website’s containing the hyperlinks to cooldissertation.com. Our company has no control over the third parties’ changes, content and updates. By visiting such websites the customer relies on his/her own risk only.

Cooldissertation.com Warranties

If you place the order with Cooldissertation.com you accept that:

  1. If there are any sources used for the paper completion they are referenced correctly.
  2. The styles of referencing are APA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, Harvard etc.
  3. We cooperate with the freelance writers that complete all the works for our customers. The materials completed for the customer and delivered to him belong to Cooldissertation.com only.
  4. The customer pays for various services like research, editing, reference delivery etc. These services are provided for the purpose of academic assistance.
  5. No content or Product can be published, copied, distributed, or modified after the Product’s delivery if you did not receive the written agreement from the company’s management.
  6. After the paper is received by the customer it must be deleted or destroyed right after it is received and used. We do not allow works to be distributed or copied. The customer hereby agrees that all the works will be used for the purpose if reference or research. We prohibit copying the data of our website and sharing it with the third parties or use for the individual wants.


The customers are using the website of their personal risk only. We provide the services on the basis “as is” and “as available”. The right of terminating or limiting the customer’s access to the website at any time is reserved by the company. All king of warranties are revealed if they are implied or express, with but not limiting to the merchantability warranties and the warranties fitting for a certain aim, also, the warranty of the non-infringing character of the materials and the warranties, which are entailed from the course of performance or dealing, as well as the website’s access will be always error-free and not interrupted, that this website is constantly secure and virus free, together with information being up-to-date, valid and full. You can use the materials of the website safely but the responsibility for the computer or data damage because of information downloading or using is not the customer’s side only.

Rights of Corporate Intellectual Property

The customer confirms that he or she will not attain any title, right or interest to cooldissertation.com, but not restricted to the rights of Intellectual property. The customer must not attempt to perform or perform decompilation, translation, modification, disassembling, reversing the source code of Cooldissertation.com services, documentation or software. The attempts of creating similar product or services are prohibited as well.

Information non-disclosure

The customer accepts the obligation not to reveal the information received from the company representatives or other customers to the third parties. The company owns all the information from our website.

The customer’s personal information is secure and safe so never disclosed to any other parties.

We forbid exploiting the personal details for merchant aims link reselling, reproduction or sharing with third parties.

Rights Non-Assignment

The customer shall not assign the account rights with our website to any other party. However, this Agreement is possible to assign to any party with no special notification.


Any party’s no waiver of any violation of any facility is considered a waiver of any future or previous violation of the mentioned or other facility. This Customer’s and Company’s Agreement comes into force after the customer visits Cooldissertation.com, orders the product or review the material presented.

Terms Severability:

In case the Terms and Conditions facility is not found valid and legal matching to any judicial decree or decision, it is considered to be implied to the highest level that law allows, and the Terms and Conditions remainder stays valid and enforceable corresponding to the terms.