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During the process of purchase the customer of is asked to indicate certain personal information, such as a name, email address and the personal phone number. However, if you wish you may use our service without indicating your personal details and review the content anonymously.

There are 5 basic reasons why we require the personal information of the customer:

  1. Personalizing the customer’s account. Once the customer’s account becomes personal its usage is more convenient and pleasant.
  2. Website’s constant advancing. Our website and all its parts are created for the customer’s usage, thus, we are doing our best to make the website governing as comfortable as possible basing on the feedbacks, which we get from customers.
  3. Service improving. When we have actual information from our customers about their experience with us we can better understand what we should improve in our service work.
  4. Transactions processing. guarantees that no information will be revealed to anyone without the permission from the customer. We use the private info only for the purposes of purchased products delivery, clarifications etc.
  5. Keeping in touch with the customer. In 9 cases from 10 we need to contact the customer during the order completion process so to assure that all instructions are taken correctly, files are provided etc. Therefore, we will need to notify the customer via phone or email about the clarifications to make our cooperation more effective.

Security of the Customer’s Private Information

The customer should not worry about safety as total information security is what we provide.

The information is secured by the server that it created and protected with special means. To make sure, that the customer’s data is in safe uses the SSL, which means a Secure Socket Layer – the system created for information protection. The data, which we receive, is coded and exceptionally the workers, who are authorized and signed an agreement of confidentiality, are able to access it.

The information like credit cards, contacts, financials are never saved on the servers of ours.

Web Browser Cookies

The website of ours can be using the files named Cookies in order to enhance the experience of the customer with us. Once the internet browser of the customer accept cookies files to the hard drive the information sometimes may be tracked and other records can be kept. We mainly use these files to recognize, which browser the customer uses and improve our service.

Note that cookies are applied only after the permission from the customer is received.

Customer’s personal information sharing

Please, stay assured that all personal information of yours is safe. We guarantee that no information of yours will be shared with any other parties. What is more, we provide only the authorized workers with special access to the private info of the client.

The exceptional cases when the information may be revealed are law conformation and company’s rights protection.

The information of the customer, which is not personal, may be shared for the survey, research, marketing or advertising aims.

Compliance with COPPA

We consider the safety of the young individuals exceptionally important, thus, we have confirmed to comply the Children Online Privacy Protection act, which requires us not to cooperate and collect information from the individuals under 13 years old. You can become our customer only if you are older than 13 years.

Privacy Policy applied to Online Information Collecting

The privacy policy explicated in here is enforceable for the information which has been collected through online means only. If the data is attained offline we are not responsible for the information protection.

Terms and Conditions

We welcome our customers to check the separate page with terms and conditions, where you can learn more about rejections, rules and liabilities.

Agreement of the Customer

The agreement to our policies is automatic once the customer uses the service of

Adjustments to our Privacy Policy

When we make changes or improve our privacy policy we indicate all the statements on this page.

The last change has occurred on 7.11.2015.

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