Money Back Warranties is identifying its key task as meeting all the requirements of the customer and covering all his/her needs. In order to make this happen, we assure about the quality of every completed paper, deliver products timely and provide free paper revisions. Nevertheless, some misapprehensions may occur, which is why we provide our customers with a possibility of getting their money back.

On average, the rate of customer’s satisfaction at our company is 97%, which is quite high as for the process of academic assistance. If our customer desired to open a dispute and get refunded for the order that he or she made we will gladly help in this process.

Dispute cases are typically resolved within 10-14 days as every order is unique and cannot be resolved according to the same standards. To make the process of dispute resolution faster, we ask our customers to keep contact with us so we get all the information and clarifications on time.

Here is a list with money back cases and their explanation:

  1. The payment for a single order has been made twice. We will refund one of the accidental payments right away if you placed two identical orders and you need only one of them or paid for one order by mistake twice. Be sure to contact the customer support right after you reveal the issue and it will be resolved very shortly.

  2. The company could not allocate the suitable writer for your order. Our team of professionals always seeks for the best specialist who is able to adhere to the exact paper instructions of the customer and is well acknowledged in the subject. Nevertheless, due to complicated character of assignment or too short deadline we might not be able to assign the person to complete your task successfully and in this case we guarantee to provide the customer with the full refund and the discount for orders in future. However, if we are not able to allot the writer for the customer’s revision request fulfilling the client has a possibility to open a dispute on the case.

  3. Lateness of the order. Timely delivery is what we are working for and lateness with papers happens exceptionally rarely with our service. You have to pay attention to the reason for the order’s lateness when you are going to send a refund request.

    In case the paper is delivered later for the reason that the customer failed to provide the needed files, information and other materials on time refund is not possible. Please, stay in touch with us so you are able to get the notifications regarding different urgent clarifications.

    In case the fault for lateness is on our side you are able to ask the payment to be recalculated for you: for the order with 4 hours deadline being late for more than 20 minutes we will offer the refund of price difference of 4 and 8 hours deadlines. In case your order has the deadline of 7 days or longer and it is slightly late you will be offered the refund of 10%.

    Sometimes we may request our customers to extend the time limit for the order completion due its complex instructions or technical character. If the customer agrees on extension refund will not be issued.

    Please, note that you are eligible for requesting the refund within 10 days after the delivery of the paper. If the 10 days period expires refund request will not be reviewed.

  4. Lateness the revised paper delivery. In this case we are not offering your price to be recalculated but you are able to open a dispute if the revision was later than 25 minutes according to the deadline, which you set previously. Though, if you start the dispute we are not able to revise your paper anymore. After you issue your refund request our Dispute Department reviews it and lets you know about the possible refund amount (the maximum amount to issue back here is 15% of initial payment).

  5. The client is not fully satisfied with the paper delivered. Our team strives to provide the service that would please the customer completely, however, the mix-ups can still take place. Thus, we also enable the customer to get refund in these cases:

    1. After receiving the first version of your paper and not approving it yet the customer has too options: getting free paper revisions or open a dispute on the order. If you select the second option we will require you to provide the arguments for dispute, which are strong and valid, so we are able to assess the paper according to the standards and offer a certain amount to be refunded back to you.
    2. The final paper variant is received and approved by the customer. If this is situation of yours, please, note that the orders approval is deemed as your full satisfaction with it, therefore, we will not be able to provide you with a refund for it. However, we may provide the customer with the partial refund under certain circumstances, which are revealed personally by our Dispute Department Manager.
    3. The client desires to cancel the order. There are several solutions to this issue depending on the order’s progress at the moment of the cancellation. If your paper has been already completed you will not be able to cancel the order and get refund even if the deadline has not expired so far. If more than half of time frame has passed we will provide you with up to 30% of refund. In case you less than ½ of time limit has expired we will offer up to 70% of payment back as the writer has to get paid for the work done. In case you inform us about order cancelation before we allocate the writer you can apply for a full refund.
    4. You have got your completed paper but wish to get refund for it. We provide you with a chance to open a dispute on your order within the 10 days period after the paper’s completion. Please, be notified that the order’s approval happens automatically in 10 days after delivery if the customer does not contact us regarding any issue. After this period we are not able to revise your paper for free and issue your money back for it.
    5. Plagiarism has been detected in the paper. We use the plagiarism checker, which has been developed specially by IT department so to verify that the customer’s paper is original. However, the only system showing an absolute result is Turnitin. If you claim that your paper is not original we will ask you to send the Turnitin report or the university report about plagiarism so to prove the paper’s similarity. If you are aware of the fact that your professor is going to run your paper through Turnitin, please, make sure that you do not do this by your own as this system saves all the submitted papers to its database.
    6. Additional features refund is not issued at our company. So the only feature that you can get payment back for is the category of the writer, only in case we have not allotted the writer for this order. All other additional features, such as editor’s services, summary of the paper and writer’s samples are considered to be not refundable.